200 years of J. MÜLLER - Tradition and innovation as a success factor

The medium-sized family company is reminiscent of its eventful and diverse company history.

The J. MÜLLER group of companies in Brake and Bremen, which operates internationally today, has existed for 200 years. A medium-sized family company with a 200-year tradition is something special in the German corporate landscape.

To commemorate this special company birthday, a live streaming took place on May 5th to mark the 200th anniversary of J. MÜLLER. The audience was greeted by an entertaining one-hour event with Jan Müller, CEO of J. MÜLLER AG, Michael Kurz, Mayor of Brake, and Stephan Weil, Prime Minister of Niedersachsen.

“We are proud and grateful to be able to look back on such a long company tradition,” says Jan Müller, today’s CEO of the group. “The history of the J. MÜLLER company is the history of customer proximity, of cosmopolitan down-to-earth attitude, of Hanseatic reliability. It is the story of a closely intertwined network of familiar, friendly and collegial relationships and solid business relations, some of which have existed for generations. “

“Always on track – in the course of times” – Commemorative publication for the company’s 200th anniversary

On the occasion of the company’s 200th birthday, the company, which is now in its 6th generation, is issuing an extensive and richly illustrated commemorative publication. The author Dr. Lydia Niehoff, a proven expert in the economic history of Bremen and Oldenburg, takes a look at the entire 200-year company history.

With anniversary publication, the company, which was founded in Brake in May 1821, pays tribute to its 200-year corporate development, which extends from what was once a small trading and forwarding business to today’s stock corporation with the correspondingly modern structures and committees.



J.MÜLLER specializes in the operation of seaport terminals and the associated port and shipping-related services. The regional focus is Northern Germany, especially the Lower Weser region with its own seaport terminal operations in Brake and Bremen. The company employs 470 people at its locations in Brake and Bremen. The turnover is 110 million euros.