Wind power components via Emden for the Ruhr region

The two Emden port handling companies EPAS GmbH & Co. KG and Anker Schiffahrts-Gesellschaft mbH have established promising contacts with the Port of Dortmund. The contacts there have now led to a visit to the port of Emden by a three-person delegation led by Bettina Brennenstuhl, CEO of Dortmunder Hafen AG. Daniel Dreiner and Alexander Reese from the Dortmund site of Deufol SE, a global service provider for packaging solutions, were on site. After a tour of the port of Emden, Brennenstuhl was confident that her port would work more closely with Emden in the future. "I am delighted that 125 years after the inauguration of the Dortmund-Ems Canal, we are once again establishing a strong connection between the canal port of Dortmund and the seaport of Emden, particularly in order to promote the energy transition in the region." 

At the heart of the talks with Dortmund is the handling of wind power components from abroad for the Ruhr region. "Dortmund is an ideal inland port for supplying components to the eastern Ruhr region and the Siegerland," Emden's port representative Reinhard Hegewald is certain. It therefore makes sense to build on the times when Emden was the ore import port for the Ruhr region. He welcomes the fact that EPAS and Anker have taken the initiative for closer cooperation with the Port of Dortmund.

According to Timo Siebahn, Managing Director of EPAS, around 1,500 inland vessels per year were already being handled in this segment via Emden until 2017. This shows that this will also be easily possible via Emden in the future. The terminals on the North and South Quays, where EPAS offers its port services, are predestined for transhipment. Siebahn: "We want to take advantage of Emden's excellent connection to the road, rail and waterway network. The seaport of Emden, like no other German seaport, has excellent connections to the inland waterways.

Im Emder Außenhafen würde auch Anker Stellflächen zur Verfügung stellen. Dazu erklärt deren Geschäftsführer Jan Remmers: „Wir bedanken uns bei den Kollegen der EPAS für diese Initiative und sehen unsere gemeinsamen Möglichkeiten zur Gewinnung von Neukunden für den Emder Hafen mit den Standorten im Emder Außen- und Binnenhafen als Mehrwert und großes Potenzial“. Die beiden Emder Betriebe haben ihre Zusammenarbeit seit Jahresbeginn durch die Gründung der STE – Stevedoring and Terminal Emden GmbH intensiviert. 

With ten port basins and eleven kilometers of shoreline, the Port of Dortmund is the largest canal port in Europe with a freight transport center of nationwide importance. The operating company is Dortmunder Hafen AG. The more than 170 resident companies with around 5,000 employees handle goods amounting to more than 2.3 million tons per year. The main goods handled by the port in the east of the Ruhr region include building materials, mineral oils, iron and steel and metal recycling goods. 

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From left to right: Daniel Dreiner, Jan Remmers, Timo Siebahn, Bettina Brennenstuhl, Reinhard Hegewald and Alexander Reese (from left) during the tour of the port of Emden

Michaela Stolper