The Shipyards of Niedersachsen: Shipbuilding With Tradition

Shipbuilding is a tradition in Niedersachsen! In an effort to capitalize on this tradition, many shipyards in Niedersachsen are now focusing on specialized shipbuilding – for example in cruise ships, yachts, or other specialty ships for various purposes of deployment. Niedersachsen’s high-tech shipyards are a central point of contact for ship owners, the cruise industry, and the marine technology industry. As a result of this boost, more and more yacht and boatyards have settled at the individual port locations.

In the shipbuilding halls of our locations, new ships are being constructed, but repairs are also performed. In addition to large cruise ships, the shipbuilding in Niedersachsen’s shipyards also comprises medium and smaller container ships, frigates and submarines for the Navy, as well as other specialty ships. The cruise ship industry in particular has developed into an important economic factor in the seaports of Niedersachsen. Headquartered in Papenburg, the Meyer Werft is one of the world’s largest producers of cruise ships.


All Adresses of all our locations on the topic “Shipyards”:

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BREDO DRY DOCKS GmbH / Mützelfeldtwerft
Woltmannstraße 2
27472 Cuxhaven
+49 (0) 4721 60 120
Emder Werft und Dock GmbH
Zum Zungenkai
26725 Emden
+49 (0) 4921 850
Fosen Yard Emden GmbH
Zum Zungenkai
26725 Emden
+49 (0) 4921 850
Ferus Smit Leer GmbH
Industriestraße 15
26789 Leer
+31 (0) 50 404 255 5
SEC GmbH & Co. Shipservices
Industriestraße 16
26789 Leer
+49 (0) 491 66 450
Jade Dienst GmbH
Schleusenstraße 22a
26382 Wilhelmshaven
+49 (0) 4421 15 450
Neue Jadewerft GmbH
Hannoversche Straße 10
26384 Wilhelmshaven
+49 (0) 4421 399-0