Great Connections - A Prerequisite for Success

Regardless of the mode of transport, road, rail, or waterway: Through their streamlined connections, Niedersachsen’s ports ensure the best conditions for an efficient transport process.

Long-term and successful collaborations between all nine of the seaports, numerous transport network stakeholders, liner and feeder services, and logistics service providers make the port location Northern Germany a pivotal logistics hub in Europe.

You too can benefit from this state-of -the-art infrastructure and from the excellent connections within Germany, to the Netherlands, Scandinavia, and to many Central and Eastern European Countries.

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BrakeGreat BritainXBreakbulkregularlyIntrahaJ. MÜLLER
BrakeGreat BritainXBreakbulkregularlyIntrahaD. Oltmann Logistik
BrakeFar EastXXBreakbulkregularlyCOSCO SSCJ. MÜLLER
BrakeSouth America / ChileXXBreakbulkregularlyG2 OCEANJ. MÜLLER
BrakeSouth America / BrasilXXBreakbulkregularlySaga WelcoJ. MÜLLER
BrakeSouth America / East CoastXXBreakbulkregularlyCOSCO SSCJ. MÜLLER
BrakePortugalXBreakbulkregularlyIntrahaJ. MÜLLER
BrakeSwedenXXBreakbulkregularlyColiJ. MÜLLER
BrakeFinlandXXBreakbulkregularlyWagenborg / RMS / Este ShippingJ. MÜLLER
BrakeUS / Canada / Great LakesXBreakbulkregularlyFednavPaul Günther
BrakeMiddle EastXBreakbulkregularlyCargo LevantCargo Levant
BrakeSpain / PortugalXBreakbulkregularlyIntrahaJ. MÜLLER
BrakeGreat BritainXBreakbulkregularlyIntrahaJ. MÜLLER
BrakeEast Meditarreanean / SpainXBreakbulkregularlyHansa LevantIntraha
BrakePortugal / Spain / TurkeyXXBreakbulkregularlyEste ShippingEste Shipping
CuxhavenGreat BritainXXRo/Ro, Container, Trailer, Automobile, General Cargo and Project Cargo on Mafitrailer, Trucks6 x weeklyDFDS SeawaysDFDS Seaways
CuxhavenGreat BritainXRo/Ro, Container, Trailer, Automobile, General Cargo and Project Cargo on Mafitrailer, Trucks1 x weeklyMann LinesMann Lines
CuxhavenGreat Britain / Norway / SpainXRo/Ro, Automobile1 - 2 x weeklyUECCBREB
CuxhavenEstonia / FinlandXRo/Ro, Container, Trailer, Automobile, General Cargo and Project Cargo on Mafitrailer, Trucks1 x weeklyMann LinesMann Lines
CuxhavenSwedenXRo/Ro, Automobile1 - 2 x weeklyKESS / "K" LineKESS / "K" Line
CuxhavenIcelandXXContainer FCL + LCL, Project Cargo1 x weeklySamskipSamskip
CuxhavenFranceXXRo/Ro1 x weeklyLD SeaplaneLD Seaplane
CuxhavenSpainXProject Cargo14 daysH. H. DanshipH. H. Danship
CuxhavenSwedenXRo/Ro1 x weeklyWagenborgWagenborg
CuxhavenNetherlandsXRo/Ro1 x weeklyWagenborgWagenborg
CuxhavenNorwayXTrucks1 - 2 x weeklyUECCBREB
EmdenGreat BritainXRo/Ro5 - 6 x weeklyKESS / "K" LineEVAG
EmdenGreat BritainXRo/Ro2 - 3 x weeklyEuro Marine LogisticsEVAG
EmdenGreat BritainXLo/Lo1 x weeklyUPM LogisticsAnker Schiffahrtsges.
EmdenIreland / Portugal / SpainXXRo/Ro4 x monthlyVolkswagen KonzernlogistikEVAG
EmdenSpainXRo/Ro4 x monthlyGrimaldiEVAG
EmdenUS Eastcoast / MexicoXXRo/Ro4 x monthlyVolkswagen KonzernlogistikEVAG
EmdenCanada EastcoastXRo/Ro2 - 3 x monthlyVolkswagen KonzernlogistikEVAG
EmdenSouthafricaXRo/Ro4 x monthlyVolkswagen KonzernlogistikEVAG
EmdenJapan / TaiwanXRo/Ro3 x monthlyVolkswagen KonzernlogistikEVAG
EmdenUS Westcoast (San Diego / Benicia)XRo/Ro2 x monthlyVolkswagen KonzernlogistikEVAG
EmdenBrasilXForest Products2 x monthlySaga WelcoAnker Schiffahrtsges.
EmdenFinland (Kotka)XForest Products1 x weeklyUPM LogisticsAnker Schiffahrtsges.
EmdenFinland (Pietarsaari)XForest Products1 x weeklyUPM LogisticsAnker Schiffahrtsges.
EmdenTurkeyXRo/Ro1 x weeklyGrimaldiEVAG
WilhelmshavenEurope - Asia
(AE 5 / Albatros)
XXContainerweeklyMaersk Line / MSC (2M)Neptun und MSC
WilhelmshavenEurope - Asia
(FAL 5 / LL 1 / NE 1 / AEU 1)
XXContainerweeklyOOCL / EVERGREEN Line / CMA CGM / COSCO Shipping (OCEAN Alliance)Frachtcontor Junge /WHV) / EVERGREEN Shipping Agency Europe / CMA CGM Deutschland
WilhelmshavenGdansk, Klaipeda, St. Petersburg, Rauma, Felixstowe, Kotka, Riga (L02)XXContainerweeklySealandNeptun
WilhelmshavenHelsinki, Tallinn, Rauma, Kotka ( L 31)XXContainerweeklyMaerskNeptun
WilhelmshavenGdansk, Tallinn, Gaevle, Norrkoeping (L 35)XXContainerweeklySealandNeptun
WilhelmshavenCopenhagen, Gdansk, Norrkoeping ( L36)XXContainerweeklyMaerskNeptun
WilhelmshavenHelsinki, Ust Luga, St. Petersburg, Gdansk (L 49)XXContainerweeklySealandNeptun
WilhelmshavenSt. Petersburg, Bronka (SSLEUR Service D)XXContainerweeklyCMA CGMSartori & Berger
WilhelmshavenEurope-Levante - North ArficaXXRo/RomonthlyClapotis MaritimeAML Ship Management / Jade Car Logistics