Seaport of Nordenham

Located right on the deep navigation channel of the Outer Weser river is the Seaport of Nordenham – the largest privately operated public seaport in Germany.  Over the course of its 100-year history, the port location has continued to evolve to provide the best possible logistics solutions for steel products, wood, petroleum products, and other cargoes. Today, the Seaport of Nordenham offers tailor-made logistics solutions – from storage to freight handling, to comprehensive value-added services.

Nordenham is the ideal seaport for various cargoes: In the Stadthafen (City Port), solid bulk goods such as coal and coke are handled, but also forestry products, various liquid bulk goods and project cargo. Especially the Multi-Purpose Terminal has proven to be quite successful for the area of underwater marine cable logistics and for other offshore activities. The terminal in Blexen has a combined bulk cargo and RoRo pier where, in addition to NF (non-ferrous) concentrates, aircraft fuselage shells are loaded.

The Seaport of Nordenham is tri-modally extremely well connected to the arterial road and long-distance rail networks and – via the water route – to the German Bight. Therefore, this site provides quick access to both the North Sea and the European hinterland.

Contact person
Sören Gayk

Rhenus Midgard GmbH & Co. KG

Midgardstraße 50

26954 Nordenham

Bildquelle: Rhenus, Nordenham
Bildquelle: Rhenus, Nordenham
Bildquelle: Candeo
Bildquelle: Rhenus, Nordenham