Seaport of Oldenburg

The Seaport of Oldenburg is the largest interior port in Niedersachsen. Here at this central transport hub in the heart of the Weser-Ems region, customers are benefiting from short distances to various port logistics services. In addition, the port benefits from the City of Oldenburg as an innovative location and economic engine in the region.

The most important cargoes handled at the Seaport of Oldenburg are agricultural goods, such as feed stock and feed supplements that are transported from Oldenburg to the rest of Europe and to the Middle East. In addition, the port supplies the dynamically growing region with building materials for potential construction projects. Via the Seaport of Oldenburg, various scrap metals and other secondary raw materials travel all the way to China. The port owes its tremendous reach to its excellent trimodal connection to the Federal Freeway system (Autobahn) and the rail network, and to the inland and sea waterways.

Contact person
Norbert Plaggenborg

Oldenburger Hafenwirtschaftsgemeinschaft c/o Agravis Kraftfutterwerk

Stau 199 - 203

26122 Oldenburg



53° 09' N


8° 14' E

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