NORDFROST Seaport-Terminal handles direct train from China in the container port of Wilhelmshaven

Wilhelmshaven, 13th July 2021 | After NORDFROST inaugurated the rail connection at its seaport terminal in the container port of Wilhelmshaven in June 2021, a direct train coming from China is now in process. This is linked to the hope that the container port of Wilhelmshaven will be firmly integrated into the “One Belt – One Road” initiative, the so-called New Silk Road.

The first direct train from China, which started its journey in the direction of the Wilhelmshaven container port in Hefei in the Anhui province on June 25th, will be processed at the NORDFROST seaport terminal after arriving at its destination. “We are particularly looking forward to the direct train that reaches us from China,” says Britta Bartels, managing partner of NORDFROST, “because it will bring more interesting cargo flows to Germany’s only deep-water container port offering many opportunities and potentials. The port is now becoming even more attractive.” Philipp Brandstrup, Branch Manager NORDFROST Seehafen-Terminal adds: “In Wilhelmshaven we offer to importers and exporters from all sectors needs-based solutions and an uncomplicated and fast processing of goods flows. Like this this we can meet the requirements of the shippers as well as possible and thus promote the port.” The perspective integration of the location in the New Silk Road would bring the best opportunities for the further development of the port.

On the railway system of the seaport terminal, the incoming containers are unloaded with reach stackers, which the port logistics company NORDFROST uses for container logistics at the location.The boxes coming from China by land are removed from the railway wagons with the container forklifts. Depending on the customer’s wishes, the containers are then immediately delivered to the recipients by NORDFROST container truck or are first placed in custody in the company’s own container depot or in the customs warehouse. It is also possible to have the containers unloaded directly at the NORDFROST seaport terminal. In this case, the logistics service provider in the port can store the imported goods till they are delivered from here to the recipients in general cargo shipments as required. For the storage of goods of all kinds, NORDFROST currently has covered storage capacities for 105,000 pallets in all temperature classes. With the opening of the new high-bay warehouse in October 2021, there will be another 40,000 storage spaces in the deep-freeze area, in which NORDFROST is the market leader with its nationwide setup and a Europe-wide groupage transport network. With the heavy goods hall and the associated open-air storage areas at the NORDFROST seaport terminal, this location also offers all the services and options in project logistics for machine and system parts.



 NORDFROST, headquartered in Schortens near Wilhelmshaven, is Germany’s leading frozen food logistics company and is internationally active. The family-run company, which has existed since 1975, generated sales of around 450 million euros in 2020 and operates 40 deep-freeze storage locations with 3,000 employees in Germany with a constantly growing capacity of currently 900,000 pallet spaces.

Copyright: Björn Lübben