German Ports

strong and powerful ports on the North Sea and Baltic Sea

Successful Port Marketing Cooperation

The organizations of the Northern German coastal states responsible for the port location marketing for

are cooperating in the planning and execution of choice joint public appearances at fairs and exhibitions abroad (outside of Europe). They perform together under the umbrella brand name “German Ports”.

Together, the German seaports are the “power house” of the German and the European foreign trade. All told, they are responsible for an annual cargo turnover of some 300 million metric tons, from A as in automobiles, to Z as in zinc oxide. They serve as gateway to the world’s markets, geographically, they are well situated near traffic arteries in the heart of Europe and offer ideal connections to all of the world’s economic centers by land and by sea. They work swiftly, reliably, and efficiently and they boast a generously developed infrastructure, a great expertise in logistics and transportation, plus highly qualified employees.

This is why the seaports are of great structural and overall economic importance for the entire German economy and also for the neighboring countries in Europe.

A comprehensive overview of the performance of the German seaports can be found in the “German Ports Guide”. „German Ports Guide“.