Liquid Bulk Transport

Numerous port operations in the Seaports of Niedersachsen have specialized in the handling of liquid cargo. Experienced and trained personne ensure the smooth on-transport of various goods during the daily handling of tank trailers and tank containers. In liquid bulk transport, our customers are always provided excellent service: In addition to handling and storage, the range also includes just-in-time deliveries to customers.

Together, the Seaports of Niedersachsen form Germany’s largest handling hub for liquid and gaseous cargo. Extensive tank storage facilities and efficient handling facilities for the transport of liquid bulk are available here, so that various chemicals and crude oil can reach their destination safely. VLCC tankers regularly approach the coast of Niedersachsen to discharge valuable liquid cargo at the deep-water berths. The port locations also offer extensive storage capacities for the emergency stockpiling of mineral oil and for the spot market business. The crude oil is further refined into mineral oil products on site. In addition, several refineries are connected via pipelines.

Liquid Bulk handling in our Seaports

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