(Schortens, 10. April 2024) NORDFROST has been delivering frozen goods with a digital delivery bill via Cloud4Log since the beginning of March this year. The special thing about this is that data exchange with the new platform is fully integrated into the internal processes. The frozen food logistics company is thus paving the way for even more efficient and transparent supply chains.

Cloud4Log ist ein Kooperationsprojekt von GS1 Germany und der Bundesvereinigung Logistik (BVL). Das innovative System wurde seit September 2023 in einem Pilotprojekt getestet, bei dem 20 Unternehmen aus Konsumgüterindustrie, Handel und Logistik beteiligt waren – unter ihnen auch NORDFROST. Ziel des Projektes ist die Einführung und Durchsetzung eines Standards zum digitalen Austausch von Lieferscheinen zwischen allen Prozessbeteiligten über eine Cloud-Plattform.

At the beginning of March this year, NORDFROST went live with the self-developed Cloud4Log interface and the process behind it after a Cloud4Log project partner from the food retail sector connected a central warehouse with a frozen food range to the platform. Since then, the goods that NORDFROST delivers daily to this central warehouse on behalf of various customers are no longer accompanied by a paper delivery bill. The driver now only receives a QR barcode, which he shows to the recipient. After scanning the barcode, the driver and recipient sign the delivery bill on a tablet. The pallet exchange is also documented electronically. The signed document is then available for download and is stored fully automatically in NORDFROST's document management system and made available to the customer if required. Using the link behind the QR barcode, the driver has mobile access to the delivery bills via smartphone if they are needed on the road. Translated with (free version)

"The introduction of the digital delivery bill not only benefits freight forwarders, but also industrial and commercial partners. Not only is paper handling along the transportation process no longer necessary. The creation and archiving for senders and recipients can also be automated. In addition, documents and feedback are reliably accessible to all parties involved at an early stage. This optimizes the supply chain as a whole. A joint step forward for efficient and transparent food logistics," explains Dr. Falk Bartels, Managing Director at NORDFROST. Translated with (free version)

NORDFROST fully automated the data exchange between its own systems and the external Cloud4Log database at an early stage. The platform was integrated into the existing internal digital delivery bill workflow. Manual uploads or downloads via the Cloud4Log web platform, which many project partners use to get started with the project, are therefore no longer necessary at NORDFROST. Everything runs automatically in the background. "Thanks to the complete integration into our own systems, we are ready for further establishment of the system on the market," says Arne Nöhre, IT Project Manager at NORDFROST.

In its role as a logistics service provider that receives and sends numerous deliveries every day, NORDFROST is focusing on the expansion of Cloud4Log and is encouraging its business partners to use the platform as well. If the digital process is resolutely adopted by the entire industry, the associated improvements in the supply chain will be realized across the board.

Copyright: Nordfrost

Michaela Stolper