Gemeinschaftsstand von bremenports, Hafen Hamburg Marketing und Seaports of Niedersachsen bei Messe-Premiere in Südostasien

For three days from today, the ports of Bremen, the Port of Hamburg and the ports of Lower Saxony will have a permanent address in Singapore: the northern German ports will be guests there under the umbrella brand "German Ports" with a joint stand at transport logistic Southeast Asia.

A premiere - not only for the North German exhibitors, who will be appearing together under the umbrella brand "German Ports" as part of a lively port cooperation, but also for the trade fair itself, which is being launched in Singapore for the first time as a new format


"Southeast Asia is not only a market that continues to grow, but it is also clear that the established trade routes will increasingly shift in this direction in future in light of the global crises. It is therefore extremely important that we as German ports fly the flag together locally and fill our port cooperation with life," says bremenports Managing Director Robert Howe, explaining the joint commitment of the ports of Bremen and their colleagues from Hamburg and Niedersachsen. The importance of seaborne cargo handling in Southeast Asia is becoming increasingly clear not only in Singapore itself - the second largest container port in the world - but also in Thailand and Malaysia, among other places: ports there, some of which have only been established in the last decade, have experienced enormous growth.

Welche Bedeutung der Seegüter-Umschlag in Südostasien hat, wird dabei nicht nur in Singapur selbst – dem zweitgrößter Containerhafen der Welt –  sondern unter anderem auch in Thailand oder Malaysia zunehmend deutlich: Dort haben teilweise erst in der letzten Dekade entstandene Häfen ein enormes Wachstum erlebt.


"This development makes it clear that Asia has long been more than "just" China. The flow of goods from Southeast Asia to Europe is increasing. Our common goal in Singapore is therefore to focus in particular on our ports - the German Ports," emphasizes André Heim, Managing Director of Seaports of Niedersachsen.


The Port of Hamburg takes a similar view: "The new transport logistic trade fair in Singapore will bring together the world's leading service providers in the logistics sector with decision-makers from Southeast Asia. It is therefore a matter of course for us as German Ports to present our range of services there and fly the flag," emphasizes Axel Mattern, CEO of Port of Hamburg Marketing.

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